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Tips for buying toilet paper

1. The toilet paper on the market is produced according to the national standard (GB20810-2006 toilet paper (including toilet paper base paper)). The toilet paper products are dazzling and the packaging also has its own characteristics. At present, there are removable, reel, and flat forms. According to the GB20810-2006 toilet paper (including toilet paper base paper) standard, the grades are divided into three grades: excellent product, first-class product, and qualified product. To 2. The whole process of toilet paper production is completed under high temperature. However, if the packaging is not timely or the storage is not good, the paper will be damp or contaminated. Consumers should choose toilet paper with good packaging and a relatively recent production date and pay attention to the shelf life. 3. The grade of toilet paper with thicker single-layer paper is lower, and you should choose the thicker toilet paper for the whole package under the same weight. 4. Since toilet paper is sold by weight, individual "smart" manufacturers will add more fillers during the production process. This kind of paper is thick and hard, which is harmful to the human body. To be more savvy, you should choose toilet paper with a softer texture. 5. Commonly used toilet paper is processed through high-temperature deinking and bleaching processes. The paper is too black, indicating that the deinking process is not good, and the residual ink is harmful to health. But too much bleach is also harmful to the human body. High-grade toilet paper uses ink-free waste paper as raw material, without deinking and bleaching, and is naturally white (approximately milky white). So you should choose toilet paper with natural color. 6. Knife-cut toilet paper can be divided into cross-cut and straight-cut according to its texture. The strength of the paper is lower in the direction perpendicular to the grain, and the strength of the paper is higher in the direction parallel to the grain. Therefore, when you need to tear, you should proceed in the direction of the vertical line, and when using it, you should try to follow the direction of the line. 7. If it is used by the elderly or infants, try to choose higher-grade toilet paper, not because it is cheap and causes unnecessary trouble. 8. Wrinkled toilet paper has good water and oil absorption properties. If you use it to wipe the stove and range hood, you will receive unexpected results.
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Introduce what are the plant fibers in toilet paper

Time of issue: : 2020-02--24
The main ingredients of the product raw materials: plant fiber, in addition to the three main components of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin, there are other components with less content, such as resin and ash. In addition, there are auxiliary ingredients such as sodium sulfate. 1. Cellulose: From the perspective of papermaking, we should try our best to retain cellulose in the pulping process to improve the yield of toilet paper pulp and paper strength. 2. Hemicellulose: In order to improve the pulp yield and paper strength, paper mills should retain as much hemicellulose as possible during the pulping process. 3. Lignin: The more lignin in the raw material, the more difficult it is to make pulp and the more chemicals to be consumed. Toilet paper is a kind of household paper, which besides itself includes facial tissues, napkins and other paper products. It has a single square shape, which is called square tissue or facial tissue, and it is also rolled into a roller shape, which is called roll paper. They are usually made of cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp, and waste paper pulp. Good quality products are made of virgin wood pulp. It is similar to the manufacturing process of ordinary paper, but it is required to be made extremely thin and fragile. It will rot when it encounters water, achieving the goal of environmental protection. So speaking of it, what are the ingredients in such a product?
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